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Copyright 2006 by Graeme Bradford
All rights reserved.
Published by Biblical Perspectives
Berrien Springs, Michigan

This book is dedicated to our grandchildren; William, Amity, James and Layne.  
It is our hope and prayer that one day they will read this book and come to a greater understanding of God's plan 
for Adventism


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For over 20 years Graeme Bradford has observed and studied the issues that surround Ellen White and the position she has held within the Seventh-day Adventist fellowship of faith.  During that time divisions within the Adventist church itself over the nature of her inspiration and authority have deepened and attacks from outside the church have intensified.  What shall we believe?  How shall we believe?  What have we believed in the past?

In this book Bradford addresses these questions and more.... first by looking at scripture to build a picture of how the process of inspiration seemed to function with biblical authors, and second by showing how this compares with the ministry of Ellen White.    Then he puts this in the historical context of how various ones in the Adventist church have related to her function and authority, both during her own lifetime, and especially in the years since her death.

Some will likely be disturbed by things they read here, as some of them  may seem to challenge things they have heard "all their lives".  Others will be comforted, as they recognize things that they have heard "all their lives" verified and confirmed.   Still others will be relieved to learn of ways to meet the critics who seem bent on destroying Ellen White's influence not only for this generation but for all to come.

The author is (as are those of us who put up the At Issue pages) a firm believer in the premise that God gave messages to Ellen White in the same way in which he communicated to to his prophets of old.  We want this conviction to be passed along to our grandchildren and through them to future generations.  And we want that conviction to be based on a thorough understanding of all that has been involved in our journey thus far.  It is our hope that the information presented here will assist in building faith in God and confidence in the way he has blessed our church with the messages and ministry of Ellen White.

Table of Contents

 Foreword 9
 Introduction  13

Part One: Prophets Old And New

 1   Ellen White Under Attack  17
 2   Steps to understanding biblical inspiration  23
 3   God speaks in various ways  31
 4   Literary assistance for inspired writers   37
 5   The problem of differences in the Bible  39
 6   How much do prophets know?  45
 7   Testing prophets  53
 8   Change in the prophetic role  65
 9   The need for discernment  77
10  The post-biblical era  85

Part Two: More Than A Prophet

11  The gift of prophecy in Adventism  89
 12   Borrowing to illustrate spiritual truth  95
 13   A multi-gifted prophet 107
 14   Ellen White's spiritual growth 115
 15  Ellen White's theological growth 121
 16  Ellen White and her culture 131
 17 Ellen White and the end times 137
 18 The 1919 Bible Conference and its aftermath 151
 19 Building an inerrant Ellen White 165
 20 Post War Adventism 175
 21 Evangelicals and Adventists meet 185
 22 Adventist historians come of age 195
 23 The 1982 Prophetic Guidance Workshop 199
 24 Ellen White and the Bible 205
 25 Implications for the future 213
 26 The Place of the Adventist Church in the larger Christian world.      221
 27 Why be a Seventh-day Adventist?-Some Reasons 227
  Appendix A  
  Appendix B  
  Appendix C  

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