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The Mediation
of Christ in
the Writings of Ellen G. White

Helmut Ott

Dr Helmut Ott has divided his life between the continents of North and South America, and his ministry between the fields of Theology and Modern Languages. . . . more . . .

His book directly addresses questions that have arisen within the SDA church in the areas of salvation and perfection, especially as they pertain to the final generation that will still be alive on planet earth when Jesus returns. . . . more. . .


I. Christ Mediates for the Believer to Present Him — as an Individual Person — Perfectly Righteous to the Father
II. Christ Mediates for the Believer to Make His Performance — His Obedience, Service, Worship — Acceptable to the Father
III. The Mediation of Christ the Only Way to Saving Righteousness for All
IV. The Mediation of Christ the Only Way to Saving Righteousness to the Very End

Copyright Helmut Ott
Reproduced by permission.
All rights reserved.

Previously published by
the Review and Herald
Publishing Association,
Hagerstown, MD 21740
Copyright 1987.

ISBN IJ-8280-039L-3

V. The Mediatorial Ministry of Christ Completed at the End of Probation
VI. Ellen G. White and a Deception Aimed Particularly at Adventists
VII. Two Groups of People in the Church: Those Righteous in Christ by Faith and Those Unrighteous
VIII. Summary and Conclusions

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