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Edward Heppenstall



Edward Heppenstall has devoted his life to the study of the Scripture and to sharing with others what he has learned. Using pulpit, podium, and press, he has consistently witnessed to the centrality of Christ in all the Bible. Born in England,  most of his ministry has been in the United States and in the classroom—as professor of theology at La Sierra College, chairman of the department of systematic theology in the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, and professor of theology at Loma Linda University. 



  1. Man the Problem: Who is he?

  2. Saving Righteousness Revealed

  3. God "Acquits the Guilty"

  4. "The Just Shall Live By Faith"

  5. "Repentance Unto Life"

  6. Christ’s Gift is Life

  7. Christ Our Sanctification

  8. Led by the Spirit

  9. The Obedience of Faith

  10. One Faith, One Mission

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To my family: 
Margit, my wife, Malcolm and Lois,
Astrid and Joe, 
with my deepest wish always to find Christ and to let Him rule our lives as Saviour and Lord.

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