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At the time of writing, Woodrow W. Whidden II, Ph.D., was professor of religion at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan.  Currently he is Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology in the Seminary at AIIAS (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies)."

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While Seventh-day Adventists hold firmly to the Protestant view of salvation—that it is by Grace alone through faith alone—individual Adventists hold a broad spectrum of views on the practical and theological details of salvation doctrine.  It is sometimes puzzling to observers of Adventism to discover that no matter where individual Adventists stand on the theology of salvation, they are sure to claim that Ellen White occupies the same ground. . . .

In this book, Woodrow W. Whidden II helps us reconstruct the development of Ellen White's beliefs on the complex issue of salvation as he gives us a historical perspective, showing how certain aspects of Ellen White's teachings on justification and perfection flourished at different times. . . .

Whidden hopes that by examining the position of Ellen White—the most respected voice among Adventists—he can help resolve some hotly debated questions about salvation. "Our gospel witness cannot possibly be effective," he writes, "if we are not clear on what the gospel is but are perpetually wrangling about it among ourselves."  —adapted from the book jacket introduction. 

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Abbreviations 6
1. The Salvation Dilemma: How Shall We Proceed? 7


Early Experiences and Ministry in Salvation
2. Conversion, "Sanctification," and Early Ministry 15
3. The Decade before 1888 23
4. James and Ellen: Their Compelling Personal Testimonies 29


Important Doctrines Related to Salvation
5. Salvation, the Great Controversy Theme, closing Events, and the Law 35
6. Sin, the Human Condition, and Salvation 41
7. The Humanity of Christ and Salvation After 1888:
Part 3. Development from 1896 to 1902
8. The Nature of Christ and Salvation 57


Justification by Faith
9. Justification by faith—Before 1888 69
10. Ministry After Minneapolis 79
11. The Significance and Meaning of Minneapolis and 1888 87
12. Justification After Minneapolis—From late 1888 to 1902 99
13. Justification After Minneapolis—Maintaining Gospel Balance 107


14. Perfection Before 1888 119
15. Perfection and Closing Events 131
16. Perfection After 1888 143


An Interpretation
17. What does It All Mean? 151
Bibliography 157

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