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Even before Seventh-day Adventists chose a name, they had chosen to worship on the seventh day in accordance with the commandment.  Since other Christians of the time almost universally worshiped on Sunday, Adventists focused most of their attention on the question of which day of the week was the correct one on which to observe Sabbath. But more recently, Christians have adopted a view which does away with even the concept of one day being more 'holy' than any other day, and Adventists have been slow to notice and prepare their responses to these challenges from such a different direction. With the publicity being given to these views by even some who were once seventh-day Sabbath keepers, the necessity for us to think through our position has become more urgent.  At Issue now begins to draw together some material which looks at Sabbath in view of these current challenges.

Is the Seventh-day Sabbath Still Important If You Believe in Grace? by J. David Newman, D.Min.

How Shall We Keep the Sabbath? by John Brunt, Ph.D.

Sabbath: Nailed to the Cross? Colossians 2:14-17 Revisited by William E.Richardson, Ph.D.

Clarifying the Covenants by Desmond Ford, Ph.D

Rediscovering the Sabbath by Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph.D.

Current Sabbath Issues by Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph.D.,

Sabbath and the New Covenant by Roy Gane, Ph.D.,

Is the Seventh-Day Sabbath Christian? by Desmond Ford.

Also see the related topic of The Covenants and the Law by Edward Heppenstall.

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