The SDAnet Hardware Campaign

SDAnet has been bringing you the best of Adventist news and opinion for six years now. During that time we have never asked for any money. But the continued growth of SDAnet has made a new machine necessary. Thanks to the GENEROUS donations of SDAnet readers, we can now celebrate the successful completion of a fundraiser for a new server.

The New Machine

We have bought a Sparcstation 4 from Sun Micro Systems. It has 32Mb of RAM, 110 Mips of CPU power, and 4.3 gigabytes of disk space. The total cost of this system was approximately $4000. We chose to name the new machine "Lydia" after the Lydia of the New Testament. She was a seller of purple, interacting in the secular marketplace. SDAnet hopes to fill her function as we interact in the marketplace of ideas.

Migration schedule

We have now completely migrated to the new machine. Let us know of any kinks that need to be worked out, parts of the web that are inaccessible, or anything like that. We are seeing a marked improvement in performance, especially in the graphical church directory, and the mailing list processes also run a lot faster now.

Total Amount Raised

We have now raised $5408.57 towards the purchase of the new machine. Thank you, all SDAnet readers and donors. A few more pledges are still on the way. We will use the amount we went over to buy more RAM for the server, thus giving us even better performance.

Where to send your check

Make your check out to Andrews University and address it to

Daniel Bidwell
SDANET Project
Chan Shun Hall 215
Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI 49104-0360

We thank you for your continued support of SDAnet. Without you as readers and writers, there would be no SDAnet.
Steven C. Timm, Moderator