Seventh-day Adventist University and College Home Pages

Here are some of the fine schools offering Christian educations.


* Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Philippines
* Adventist University of the Philippines, Philippines
* Andrews University
* Chile Adventist University, Chile
* Corporacion Universitaria Adventista, Columbia
* Griggs University
* La Sierra University
* Loma Linda University
* Pakistan Adventist Seminary
* Peruvian Union University
* Samyook University, South Korea
* Southern Adventist University
* Southwestern Adventist University
* Theologische Hochschule Friedensau, Germany


* Adventist Seminary, Croatia
* Atlantic Union College
* Avondale College, Australia
* Canadian University College
* Caribbean Union College
* Columbia Union College
* Florida Hospital College
* Helderberg College (South Africa)
* Kettering College of Medical Arts
* Newbold College, England
* Oakwood College
* Pacific Union College
* Saniku Gakuin College, Japan
* Union College
* University of Montemorelos, Mexico
* Walla Walla University
* West Indies College, Jamaica

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