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Here is some general information about SDAnet:
SDAnet is a moderated English language worldwide electronic discussion mailing list.
The purpose of SDAnet is to encourage and facilitate contact and discussion among Seventh-day Adventists and their friends around the world in areas of doctrine, human relations, and practical issues of relevance to the SDA community in a manner which is both individually faith affirming and supportive of the SDA church.
Anyone may read and submit posts to SDAnet whether or not he or she is a subscriber. All posts are read and approved by a moderator and sent via email to the list of SDAnet subscribers--usually in late evening (US Eastern time zone). Depending on which list you chose, you will receive the messages as:

  1. individual email messages (sdanet),
  2. a daily compilation (sdadaily), or
  3. a weekly compilation (sdanetdigest).
SDAnet messages may also be read from the SDAnet website at http://www.sdanet.org/archive. All past SDAnet messages are archived in publicly searchable format on that site.
All SDAnet subscribers also receive all posts sent to SDAnews.
To send a message to a list:
Send messages meant for the whole net to sdanet@sdanet.org News messages can be sent to sdanews@sdanet.org.

To contact one of the moderators: Send a message to sdamod@sdanet.org.

While the SDAnet Moderatorial Board are all Seventh-day Adventists and are supportive of the official Seventh-day Adventist church, you will see some posts on here that don't agree with what you think Adventism is or ought to be. All posts should, however, reflect Christian ideals of love and courtesy. Remember that not everyone here is a Seventh-day Adventist. This is the first contact with the SDA church for some, and the last remaining contact for others.

Welcome, and we hope you will be eager to participate in the discussions that are ongoing. If none suits your fancy, please introduce a topic that does. There is no more efficient way to talk about what you want to talk about! Before you begin posting, however, please read the Posting Policies document for SDAnet which is included below. For although we do not require a statement of agreement with our policies at subscription time, when we see you begin to post, we will assume that you have both read and are agreeing to abide by both the letter and the spirit of our policies.

Welcome. We hope you enjoy your discussions with us.

SDAnet Mailing List Posting Policies

While we have no restrictions on who may subscribe and receive SDAnet mail, we do have posting policies that determine the style, content, attitude, and tone of messages accepted for posting on SDAnet. Thus, while we require no advance statement of agreement with our policies or commitment to follow them at the time of subscribing, when posts are submitted to SDAnet or SDAnews, we assume that the subscriber has both read and agrees to abide by the policies as given below. So please read this document carefully. If you have any questions please direct them to the moderators at sdamod@sdanet.org

There are two types of posting policies--those having to do with general or technical guidelines and those having to do with content, attitude, and/or "tone".

A few final thoughts:
Because of our backgrounds, each of us carry emotional baggage which may cause us to feel very deeply about certain issues. Please remember that a disagreement regarding interpretation can be had between people who still love and respect each other as children of God. A disagreement does not equate to personal rejection, and responses from those who disagree should not be treated as personal rejections. Beyond making sure that your opinions have been accurately understood, do not press the issue further. Many times the only possible resolution to differences is to "agree to disagree".

Recognize that "I agree" or "I disagree" serves just as well to establish your position relative to a statement by someone else as does "you're right" or "you're wrong", and is a lot less judgmental, thus more conducive to friendly discussion.

Please avoid addressing individuals on this net with personal calls to repentance and reformation, as they imply that you know the state of another's heart.

If you'd rather not see a specific discussion on SDAnet, feel free to use the delete command even without reading. If you'd like to see a specific topic discussed then be the one to begin discussing it. Give thought to your selection of a subject title, choosing one that appropriately reflects both the topic you wish to discuss as well as the kind of discussion environment that we all desire to maintain on SDAnet.

SDAnet Moderatorial Team

Legal Disclaimers for SDAnet:

The moderatorial board of SDAnet are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church but are acting in the capacity of private citizens and not in any official capacity on behalf of the church.

SDAnet management attempts to prevent postings of confidential material and illegal use of copyrighted material, but cannot assume responsibility for ensuring that all posts sent by its members are legal and appropriate. Responsibility for each post rests with the individual poster.

Some government, military, and industry sites restrict participation in private mailing lists. SDAnet management assumes no responsibility for subscriptions that are out of harmony with any such restrictions.

If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list, use the subscribe/unsubscribe form located at http://www.sdanet.org/listman.cgi

If this does not work for you, send an email to the moderators at sdamod@sdanet.org. Be sure to give the name of the specific list as well as the address from which you wish to be unsubscribed.