Working Policies: Web server policy:

The SDAnet operates a Web server primarily for the content that it publishes itself. It is not the goal of the SDAnet to become an internet service provider or a web presence provider, since these functions are carried out by other ministries. Web services provided to other people and organizations by SDAnet should be of the type that other web service providers would be unable to do.

The SDAnet has four major components to its web presence: The _At Issue_ electronic magazine, the SDAnet Graphical Church Locator, the SDAnet archives, and the home page containing links to other sites. These are managed by the web administration subunit of the SDAnet board. Any queries with regard to these activities or volunteering to help should be sent to

Any member of the SDAnet may propose new web publishing ventures to the web administration committee. Organizations with their own web servers are invited to send us their URL address and we will gladly list them.

Information which appears on the document servers will be subject to the same moderation guidelines as posts for SDAnet are. The management reserves the right to exclude any post it feels is not appropriate.

SDAnet has a few outside web clients, mostly church pages from the New York Conference. We are not seeking any additional web clients at this time. Future requests for web space must show cause that Tagnet would be unable to meet their needs and that they are unable to establish a web presence on their own.