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Women in Ministry was produced by the 15 member Ad hoc Committee on Hermeneutics and Ordination of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University and other authors selected by that committee.   It provides thoughtful and studied answers to many questions, not only regarding women as ordained gospel ministers, but also those concerning the nature of ministry and ordination in general.  It explores not only scripture, but church teaching and practice, especially that of  its own Seventh-day Adventist denomination.

Questions addressed include:

  • Why ordain elders and pastors?

  • What does the Bible teach about priesthood and ministry?

  • Does Paul really prohibit women from speaking in church?

  • What does Ellen White say about ordination?

  • What role did women play in ministry in the New Testament?

  • How is ordination related to ministry?

  • How does your culture influence the way you understand the Bible.

  • Does the Bible forbid the ordination of women?

  • What does the Bible teach about "headship"?

  • How did Ellen White relate to the Women's Rights Movement?

  • Who were some of the nineteenth-century Adventist women in ministry and what did they do?

Book Review: 
Ministry Magazine,
Jan 1999


Table of Contents

We are reproducing online the introductory, conclusion and survey sections of the book, as well as three complete chapters.  The chapter titles themselves give an idea of the broad scope of the book.  Click the starred items to read on-line, then go to Order Information to purchase the book.


*Part One: Ministry in the Bible

  • *Raoul Dederen, "The Priesthood of All Believers" 
  • Jacques B. Doukhan, "Women Priests in Israel: A Case for Their Absence" 
  • Robert M. Johnston, "Shapes of Ministry in the New Testament and Early Church"
  • Keith Mattingly, "Laying on of Hands in Ordination: A Biblical Study" 

*Part Two: Ordination in Early Christianity and Adventism

  • Daniel A. Augsburger, "Clerical Authority and Ordination in the Early Christian Church" 
  • George R. Knight, "Early Seventh-day Adventists and Ordination, 1844-1863" 
  • J. H. Denis Fortin, "Ordination in the Writings of Ellen G. White" 
  • Russell L. Staples, "A Theological Understanding of Ordination" 

*Part Three: Women in Ministry and Leadership

*Part Four: Perceived Impediments to Women in Ministry

  • *Richard M. Davidson, "Headship, Submission, and Equality in Scripture" 
  • Peter M. van Bemmelen, "Equality, Headship, and Submission in the Writings of Ellen G. White" 
  • W. Larry Richards, "How Does a Woman Prophesy and Keep Silence at the Same Time? (1 Corinthians 11 and 14)" 
  • Nancy Jean Vyhmeister, "Proper Church Behavior in 1 Timothy 2:8-15" 
  • Alicia A. Worley, "Ellen White and Women's Rights" 

*Part Five: Other Considerations

  • Walter B. T. Douglas, "The Distance and the Difference: Reflections on Issues of Slavery and Women's Ordination in Adventism" 
  • Roger L. Dudley, "The Ordination of Women in Light of the Character of God" 
  • Jon L. Dybdahl, "Culture and Biblical Understanding in a World Church" 


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