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I Was Canright's Secretary
by Carrie Johnson

Copyright 1971 by the

Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 76-151896
Printed in USA
Used by Permission

"A fascinating, faith-building autobiography of Carrie Johnson and biography of Dudley Marvin Canright is presented in the book 'I Was Canright's Secretary'." —Cyril Hartman.

"Had Mr. Canright not made malicious and bitter attacks on Seventh-day Adventists and Ellen G. White, and were not his productions still being published and circulated a half century subsequent to his death, this work would not have been published.  As the Canright books are often cited and are looked to as authoritative works, it may be well for those who so consider them to become acquainted with Mr. Canright as a witness." —Foreword, 'I Was Canright's Secretary'.

Our thanks to Cyril Hartman for his work in preparing the text of this currently out-of-print book, and for securing the necessary permissions for web publication from the family of Carrie Johnson, the [now deceased] author.



1.Introduction to Mr. Canright
2.A Successful Seventh-day Adventist Minister
3.Difficult Days and Victory
4.Carrying Large Responsibilities
5.Ups and Downs in the Battle
6."If I Ever Go Back"
7.Closing Years in the Adventist Ministry
8.Canright Boards the Phantom Ship
9.Crusade Against the Adventists
10."Too Late!"
11.My Family and Canright's Book
12.Baptism and Battle Creek
13.Work Begins With D. M. Canright
14.Mr. Canright and His Friends
15.Canright Works on His Books
16."Our People"
17.Three Dimes' Tithe and My Break With Mr. Canright
18.Secretary to the Conference President
19.Hard and Trying Years
20.The Fading Image of D. M. Canright

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